Walking off those holiday pounds

With it being the holiday season, it is easy to let our diet and exercise go such as having that extra helping of mashed potatoes or that extra slice of pie.

But fitness instructors say the holidays are a perfect time for friends and family to exercise together. Going on a walk outside with your out-of-town friends or relatives is a great way to not only socialize and catch up, but to get moving as well.

â??These are not meals that we have hopefully all year long so it's okay. Have breakfast, have a protein packed breakfast-- oatmeal, eggs, pack a protein shake. Don't skip meals just because you know youâ??re going to be indulging because if you just do a few extra things, those calories aren't going to set you back, just one day or leftovers. Pick little spoonfuls of lots of variety versus a big mound of potatoes,â?? said Jami Brechon, owner of Work It Out Fitness.

Brechon added that swapping a piece of pecan pie for a piece of pumpkin pie is an easy way to save you calories.