Walmart and Food Bank of Central & Northeast Missouri work together for good cause

A program to help keep kids from going hungry has teamed up with a new partner.

Walmart in Kirksville and the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri are now working together. Volunteers from Walmart and the Food Bank have been busy packing 'buddy packs'. Those 'buddy packs' will provide food for children over the weekend or holidays when there is not enough to eat at home. Walmart has also donated one thousand dollars to the Food Bank, which will go toward purchasing food for the 'buddy packs'.

"This community is fabulous and it is really, really wonderful to work in a position where work is appreciated and we help so many people. That's what it is really about," said Susan Dublin, Regional Coordinator of The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri.

The Food Bank is always looking for volunteers to help with the 'buddy packs'. If you are interested in donating, feel free to visit