Wapello County 4-H Expo kicks off Monday evening

Itâ??s that time of the year again â?? something a lot of kids look forward to and work towards throughout the year; itâ??s the Wapello County 4-H Expo.

The expo kicks off Monday evening at 7 with the Royalty Pageant, Senior Awards, the Clover Graduation and the announcement of the queen, princess, king and prince.

On Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. the horse show will be taking place at the Greater Ottumwa Parks Arena.

Organizers said this expo is a culmination of everything that local 4-H members have been working on.

â??The 4-H Expo is where all the kids who are actually in the 4-H program are going to be displaying what they've been working on all year. On Wednesday, which isn't open to the public, they'll bring in their different projects and they'll show it to a judge and then they'll get judged on that and some of their projects can actually be sent to the Iowa State Fair, same with the livestock. Some of the kids they'll either go to the state fair and show and then they'll be judged on their livestock projects too,â?? said Katie Streetby, County Youth Coordinator.

Thursday is when everything starts at the Bridge View Center. There will be livestock shows and it will also be Kids Day.