Wapello County Auditor says voting went smoothly

Now that the election is over and the votes are tallied, KTVO caught up with Wapello County Auditor Kelly Spurgeon to see if she ran into any problems or noticed any voting trends this election.

With early voting ending on Monday, Spurgeon said more than 7,300 voters were processed.

She said she believes more voters came early this time around to avoid the longer lines on Election Day.

And as far as problems with voting are concerned, she said there were no real major concerns.

â??You know, we did introduce Precinct Atlas to some of our, well to the precincts one through 10 this election so we had a few, you know, I think theyâ??re some issues that I think probably go over a little bit more with our workers but I think for the most part everything ran pretty smoothly,â?? said Spurgeon.

Spurgeon said with city and school elections happening before the next big election, workers will be able to work with and familiarize themselves more with the computers.