Wapello County Democrats have a new home

The Wapello County Democratic Party will be opening its new headquarters soon in downtown Ottumwa.

The offices are located right next door to the United Way of Wapello County on Second Street.

State Representative Mary Gaskill, who represents Ottumwa and portions of Wapello County, told KTVO Friday afternoon that the offices will allow the public to meet with candidate running for local and state office.

â??The board of supervisor candidates, the county attorney â?? that is a candidate; our local candidates will be by and any other candidates in the area. We will have meetings and will bring all of the candidates in, and have a little get together â?? a ra-ra thing, to get people encouraged, including our volunteers,â?? said Gaskill.

The new offices are not only a meeting place for the democratic candidates, but also a place where people can register to vote, and learn more about the democratic platform.

â??What the campaign office is used for is for information; to coordinate information and to give it out to people about the candidates. We also use it to get our volunteers out asking people to vote,â?? said Gaskill.

Office hours have not been determined yet, although Gaskill says that she will inform the media and the public when they do become available.