Wapello County Democrats hold convention

The Wapello County Democrats held their convention in Ottumwa Saturday.

Democratic candidates in the upcoming election gave speeches to those in attendance and delegates were elected to district and state conventions.

The group worked together to ratify their county platform and disscused issues ranging from education to health care.

Melinda Jones, Chair of the Wapello County Democrats, said the government and law section of the platform had the most debate.

She said they debated restoring voting rights to inmates who completed prison sentences.

Jones also said 36 people showed up to the convention--an impressive number in a non-presidential election year.

"The people that come here to our conventions are chosen at caucuses," said Jones. "So they've already participated in the caucuses and now they're here at the county convention to continue the work of the Democratic Party."

The Democrats' party platform will now be sent to the district level.

Members will now be working on planning, organizing, and attending the district convention.