Wapello County Fair wraps up

Swine show at the Wapello County Fair

People packed the Wapello County Fairgrounds for the final day of fun-filled festivities.

â??Weâ??ve had a pretty good fair,â?? Tonya Doud, Wapello County Board President said. â??We had to deal with some rain, but itâ??s not something new to us. This has been the sixth straight year in a row of rain.â??

Despite the rain Friday and Saturday, everything but the horse show went on, and that has been rescheduled for Sunday, July 21 at the Fairgrounds.

â??We were able to have our concert last night and had a good time with those who were out to join us for it,â?? Doud said, â??and we wrap up today with our demo derby.â??

People also took part in the cattle and swine shows on the itinerary for this Fatherâ??s Day.

â??Iâ??m gonna show a pig,â?? Sawyer Goehring said.

â??The Cattle show is a little bit different though,â?? Doud said. â??It goes by breed, and then they go for an overall, so I mean they definitely are looking for different things in how the animal walks and different aspects of the animal.â??

Doud adds this is the first swine show the fair has had in 15 years.

â??Some of the state regulations have changed, so that allowed everybody to be able to start some other shows,â?? she said.

In addition to the carnival rides, food and games, the kids could also make some furry friends at the petting zoo. Even the adults had some toys to play with at a car show.

â??My wife Barbara has always wanted a Mustang,â?? Sam Saffell, a car show participant, said. â??We bought that car, and she goes, â??It sure is a pretty color.â?? â??Yes dear, it is a pretty color, but weâ??re gonna sell it.â?? â??It sure is a pretty color...â?? â??Okay weâ??ll keep it.â??â??

Organizers say overall, the event was a success.

â??We just hope we can continue some of the new events weâ??ve had like the swine show and just find things for the families and stuff to get them to come down and enjoy the Wapello County Fair,â?? Doud said.