Wapello County Landfill development project is well underway

A $1.3 million landfill development project is well underway outside Ottumwa.

Jody Gates, the cityâ??s director of health and inspections told us more about the project going on at the Wapello County Landfill.

â??Part of that is building a new cell to dispose of solid waste, and then another part of it is in digging out the areas of the landfill for future new cells,â?? she said.

Gates says one of the major tasks is removing all the dirt in order to put down a landfill liner to create a disposal space. You can expect the cell development with the liner to be completed by mid-October. After that, the contractor will be able to work on removing dirt in other areas for future cells through the winter and into the spring of 2014. Once the project is finished, the county shouldn't need to build a new landfill for another six years. That figure is based on how much waste the county normally takes in each year.