Wapello County man sentenced for false imprisonment

Adem Anota

A southeast Iowa man who was originally charged with felony first-degree kidnapping was sentenced Monday on a much lesser charge.

The judge gave Adem Anota, 34, of Ottumwa, one year in the Wapello County Jail after he had pleaded guilty earlier to a reduced charge of false imprisonment, which is a serious misdemeanor.

Assistant County Attorney Gary Oldenburger told KTVO the lesser charge was part of a plea bargain reached in large part due to complications with the victim and witnesses.

"When it comes down to presenting a case to a jury, it's not really a question of what the person did but what can be presented in court so there are times that people from the outside might view this and say justice wasn't done here because the sentence he received was too light compared to what he did," said Oldenburger. "But again that all depends on what evidence is available in trial, what witnesses will be at trial and a number of other factors."

Ottumwa police alleged that Anota had held a femal victim and her family against their will for two weeks in October 2013.

Investigators said Anota had repeatedly sexually assaulted the woman during her confinement.

Anota was given credit for time served. The rest of his 365-day sentence was suspended, meaning he will soon be a free man.

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