Wapello County Republicans are gearing up for Election Day

The Wapello County Republicans are gearing up for the presidential election that is now less than 100 days away.

Members of the Republican Party said August 1 is their target date to bring the Romney Campaign to the area. The state party will also be coming in to work on a victory office.

They said they are just in the planning stages at this point, but soon the state party will be bringing in a phone system and the campaign will be underway.

â??Four years ago Wapello County phoned into every county in the state of Iowa. We had such a great volunteer base and again I expect that we've had a lot of people calling in saying when are we ready to make some phone calls and work on the campaign,â?? said Trudy Caviness, Wapello County Republican Party.

â??Weâ??re really bringing it to the table. We're going to door knock, we're going to get out the vote and we're going to show that we can bring some new candidates, new faces to this area,â?? said Blake Smith, who is running for state house district 81.

Currently the countyâ??s Republican Headquarters is on E. 2nd St. in downtown Ottumwa but campaign workers said they may be moving to accommodate the many volunteers that are expected to help with the Romney Campaign starting on the August 1 target date.

Republicans are saying this election is more important than ever.

â??To get our country back moving and have the jobs and have the careers and have the economy that we deserve. That has been our history -- working hard and building our own businesses. We need to get that back and that will show in who we elect,â?? said Caviness.

â??The career politicians around here ran things for so long that the younger generation has got to rise up and say â??what you're doing is not working and it's our turn to make a difference,â??â?? said Smith.