Wapello County Republicans gather for caucus

The Wapello County Republicans held their caucus at the Southern Prairie Area Education Agency in Ottumwa Tuesday night.

The caucus drew a large crowd in this non-presidential election year.

The biggest goal the Republicans accomplished was activating and prepping the grassroots for the next election.

Wapello County Republicans Chair Trudy Caviness said the Iowa Republicans are ready for a big year at the 2014 elections because of the numerous incumbents they have at both state and U.S. levels.

She said Governor Terry Branstad was primed for re-election.

"Tonight, I was looking at a state-of-the-state before the Governor became Governor again and there were so many things," said Caviness. "We owed money to all the funds and everything else, the jobs were not growing, and so Governor Branstad and Kim Reynolds have done a tremendous job in bringing Iowa forward."

Caviness said the state party platform is an extensive one, and she'd like to see the Republicans make a stronger statement of their beliefs through planks.