Wapello County Supervisors in bonding process

The Wapello County Supervisors are currently in the middle of budgeting; and for the past three years, the countyâ??s property taxes have been lowered each year and the supervisors want to make that happen for a fourth straight year.

Because the state has limited how much counties can levy for mental health reform, Supervisor Steve Siegel said he is confident a fourth straight year can happen.

The county is planning to bond for $4.5 million; the county has several paved roads that if are not repaired in the next year or two will prove to be very expensive in the future.

â??Our road use tax dollars are not keeping up with inflations. We don't have the funds to maintain all of the roads the way that we need it to. So we're being forced to use bonding but when we get this done, with one exception, all of our paved roads in Wapello County will have been resurfaced, repaved within the last 5 years,â?? said Siegel.

Siegel said $500,000 will go towards the new communications tower, $2 million will go towards paving the rest of Rock Bluff Road as well as elevating it to complete the obligations of the I-Jobs Grant which allowed for the revitalization of Chillicothe Bridge and the rest will go towards Competine and Bluegrass Roads.

Siegel said the bonding process should be complete in March.