Wapello County Supervisors meet to amend the budget

Itâ??s that time of the year again. No, weâ??re not talking about Christmas shopping but rather amending the budget.

The Wapello County Supervisors met Tuesday to approve amending the budget.

Typically there are one or two budgets amendments each year; one around this time of the year and the other in the spring.

The County Supervisors said that for the most part, its revenues and expenditures that the county hadnâ??t anticipated such as grants that require approval.

â??But this is good to do it this early because it gives us plenty of time to adjust if we need to so we always encourage our department heads if they see expenditures that we hadn't anticipated whether theyâ??re from grants or county money. We want to know as early as we can so that we can make the necessary adjustments,â?? said Steve Siegel, Wapello County Supervisor.

Siegel said that 2/3 of the budget amendments are from grants. And the unexpected expenditures they have to allocate funds for are taken from the carry over balance so it will not affect taxes at all.