Wapello County to host storm spotter training Tuesday

Wapello County Emergency Management is hosting their yearly Storm Spotter Training.

If you are interested in weather, Tuesday night is your chance to become a certified storm spotter.

Wapello County Emergency Management is hosting their yearly Storm Spotter Training at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in room 111 of the Rural Health Education Center on the Indian Hills campus. Many people have already registered for the event, but anyone is welcome to walk-in, as well.

Representatives from the National Weather Service present each year, with new information and technology to keep the training fresh and up-to-date.

The training equips people to more accurately predict the weather and spot storms, which they can also use to be part of the official storm spotting process.

"Typically, they give a handout and once you've sat through the presentation, you sign in and you can actually apply for a weather spotter number," said Josh Stevens, Coordinator for Wapello County Emergency Management. "So if you see weather at your home or you're in your vehicle and you call an 800 number, you'll be issued a storm spotter number and that way, they know you've actually taken the training and you correspond through a database and they'll take your information as a spotter, because you've been trained, a little higher level and trustworthy as a person who just calls in because they know you've sat through a presentation by a professional who's explaining that stuff."

Stevens said the course always features pictures and video from Iowa's severe weather, so people know exactly what they're looking for.