Warming up your car in cold weather may attract thieves

With the cold weather, many people are letting their cars warm up...and that could make you a target.

The Macon Police Department in the past has dealt with thefts of cars and valuables of items left in the cars while people are leaving them alone while getting warmed up.

Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger says you should use a remote car starter because it will only start the car and it's not operable if someone tries to get in.

Bottom line...just keep your eyes open.

"Just try to keep all your valuables out of your car and out of sight . If you are going to keep it running with the keys in it, try to stay in a location and observe your car and observe anyone coming near your car," Chief Olinger said.

Chief Olinger also suggests trying to keep a second set of car keys around so you can keep the car locked with the first set so no one can get in.

The police department luckily hasn't received any reports of stolen cars this winter season.