Watch out for this storm-related scam

A Scam Alert after a series of thunderstorms rolled through the Heartland. A Memphis couple lost a sizable amount of money in a lightning rod scam.

Scotland County Sheriff Terry Winn says a man stopped at the couple's home Thursday morning and said their home had been struck by lightning. The sheriff says the man entered the home, touched the electric box and said it was hot. The man went so far as to start shaking as though being shocked by the electric box.

The couple purchased lightning rods several years ago and the man told them the home had been struck by lightning due to a defective lightning rod. He said he would need to send-in the defective rod for insurance purposes, but needed a payment to do so. The couple paid what the sheriff describes as a "large sum of money." After the man left, the couple realized something did not seem right and they then contacted the Scotland County Sheriff's Office.

If you are approached by anyone claiming your house has been hit by lightning, or anything else that seems suspicious, Sheriff Winn urges you to contact your local law enforcement office.