Water recedes and the fun proceeds at Thousand Hills Beach

The heavy rain that fell during the Memorial Day weekend caused flooding in many places around the Heartland.

That included Thousand Hills State Park outside Kirksville, and as a result the, beach was closed due high water and high levels of bacteria in the lake.

The waters have since receded, and fun times at the only public beach in Adair County can now commence.

â??When we had the flooding like we had after the big rains Memorial Day weekend, basically the beach disappears under water."said Brent Steacy, superintendent of Thousand Hills State Park. "Here is no beach, and what you have to do then is just wait for the water to recede. Once they recede, there's always a debris line my staff has to go down and clean up and make it safe for people to use the beach again,â??

The swimming beach at Thousand Hills State Park is now open, and there is no longer admission charged. That also means there are no lifeguards on duty anymore, making it a swim-at-your-own-risk beach.