Water supply in Bloomfield running low

Do you know where your water comes from? Well, over the past 15 to 20 years in Bloomfield the city reservoir has gotten low on water supply.

The Bloomfield City Council has decided to look into alternate water sources so that a continuous supply of good drinking water would be available to its residents.

The options range from a few million dollars all the way up to $8 million.

A couple of the options that are being looked into are hooking up with Rathbun Direct and doing away with the cityâ??s water treatment plant. And looking at another direction is building a second lake.

Council members said once the city budget is complete, they will be able to move forward.

â??We can then sit back and look at what we can do with water rates. We cat look at what we can with bonding because this type of expenditure would have to be a bonded expenditure. Now this is what they call a necessity need type expenditure so it's a bonding that does not have to go before a public vote,â?? said Jerry Kincart, Bloomfield City Council member.

Kincart said he hopes that by June 1 a decision will be made on what direction they will be going in.