Watershed Management Commission discusses ways to prevent erosion

The Watershed Management Commission met in Kirksville Thursday night.

The topic of discussion at the meeting was sedimentation from runoff and pastureland.

Commission members were given worksheets and have been taking notes while visiting Hazel Creek Lake. Those members noticed that a great deal of erosion is occurring at the lake, and they have plans to help decrease it.

They have been examining the gullies and areas that surround the lake. The City of Kirksville has two water supply lakes: Forest Lake and Hazel Creek Lake.

"We don't want any excess sediment in Hazel Creek Lake. It's one of two principle water supplies, so we want to make sure this lake lasts as long as we can and has the best quality water," said Clayton Dillavou, Watershed Management Commission Chairman.

The commission will meet again September 18th. That meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. at the Economic Development Alliance Building in Kirksville.