Weather has hindered growth of corn on a SE Iowa farm

Clark Yaeger's farmland on 6115 120th Street.

Storms and heavy rains have hindered the growth of corn on a farm in southeast Iowa.

Soybean and corn farmer Clark Yaeger says he's had to replant some of the corn he's plotted that is unable to survive in recent weather conditions. He says they quit planting corn a couple of days ago, and now its growth is up to God and Mother Nature.

"We've been fighting the wet weather," Yaeger said. "We've had terrible erosion problems and stands of corn aren't very good in a lot of places. Some of it looks real good."

Clark says the good corn currently stands at the height it should be, but the shorter stalks couldn't come up because of the excessive rain. he says an early frost would not be good for his crops either.