Weatherizing your home

Cracks around windows can let outside air in

With the weather starting to feel more like fall, it may be time to start thinking about weatherizing your home to save you money on your utility bills.

On Saturday afternoon, a workshop was offered at the Fairfield Public Library showing people how to do just that.

Fairfieldâ??s Sustainability Coordinator Scott Timm said that if you add up all of the cracks around your homeâ??s windows and doors, they will basically amount to a basketball-sized hole in your wall.

Those that attended learned how to seal up all those cracks with the proper tools.

â??In the end we're also training volunteers on October 20; we're going to weatherize 15 veteransâ?? homes. So we have a grant from Home Depot. They're giving us $2,000 for materials and we're doing a big energy blitz in late October,â?? said Timm.

If you know or are a veteran that is interested in having your home weatherized, contact Timm at (515) 291-2560