Weekend flooding causes some damage to Davis County roads

Southeast Iowa fell under a flash flood warning this weekend. As a result, roads suffered some damage.

Davis County was one of those areas that suffered road damage

Rain amounts varied from 2.5 inches to 7 inches in the county.

Bridges collapsed under Key Boulevard and also on Mulberry Trail.

"The approach collapsed on it also," said Davis County Engineer David Grove. "The stream beds degraded until it got below planking on the back walls so it just eroded dirt out from underneath the approach and they collapsed."

The roads to both bridges are closed and the bridges will be inspected tomorrow.

Other damage included water that went over 274th and Balsa Avenues eroding away 1/3 of those roads.

A barricade is set up on these streets but is passable with caution.

Overall, there was not a huge amount of damage to roads in the county.