Weirdest roadside trash wins a prize

Winter is over and the Missouri department of transportation is getting its spring cleaning campaign into full gear. The â??show meâ?? your trash contest is hoping to give incentive to volunteers who clean up trash a long side the road. Through the month of April, contestants are allowed to enter as many unique items of trash to the MoDOT website and MoDOT representatives will put up the three most unique items that are found throughout the state up for vote on the website. Missouri residents can then vote on the most unique item.

â??This is actually our first year that our northeast district has done this. No more trash bash has been done for several years, but this particular contest started this year. It is open to the entire state. So if someone say down south submits something on our website, they're just as eligible as anyone else,â?? said Marisa Christy-Kerns MoDOT Senior Customer Relations Specialist.

The winner will receive a No more trash bash mesh bag, a live plant, and other prizes. If you would like details on how you can enter or vote on items. If anyone is interested in the adopt a highway program, please call 1-888-275-6636 or visit their website at: