Weller among those honored at outgoing Ottumwa City Council member reception

Outgoing Ottumwa City Council members were honored with a reception Friday afternoon for their hard work and service to the community. One of those council members was Jeremy Weller.

Weller served on the council for the past four years and says he gained a fresh perspective by being exposed daily to the hard work of people who make the city of Ottumwa tick.

"There's a lot of people in town that give so much of their time to volunteer," said Weller. "So being a city councilman, I really got to see a side that I had never seen before and it's inspiring and it makes you feel good about your community."

Weller said his proudest accomplishment while on the council was the work he did on sewer separation and street projects.

In his absence, he hopes to see continued strengthening of communication between the city and its water works department.

His advice to the new council members is to be informed, be open to suggestions, and to think outside the box.