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      Westboro Church protestors are a no show

      The rumor spreading through Ottumwa that a group from Westboro Baptist Church would protest Friday nightâ??s production of the Laramie Project is put to rest.

      People were seen wielding signs with messages like â??Hate isnâ??t an Ottumwa valueâ?? and â??Love is blind,â?? and as you can imagine they were not members of the Kansas-based church famous for protesting anything they believe promotes a gay agenda.

      Protestors did line the sidewalks for the second night of production of the Laramie Project, but they weren't members of Westboro Baptist Church. They were Ottumwa residents spreading a message of love, equality and support for the controversial play. Mayor Frank Flanders told KTVO yesterday that members from the Kansas based church contacted city officials saying they planned to protest Friday's production, but by 7:20 p.m. that didn't appear to be the case.

      Ottumwa Police officers stood outside the Bridge View Center just in case the protest got out of hand, but Police Chief Tom McAndrew says Westboro contacted the department saying they werenâ??t coming.