Wet spring hasn't stopped farmers from planting corn

Farmer Bob Jackson says this year has been a good year so far in planting corn.

Despite the heavy rains northeast Missouri has received over the last few weeks...that hasn't stopped Heartland farmers from trying to plant.

Farmer Bob Jackson has been planting crops at the Jackson Country Connection Farm for almost 50 years, and this year has been a good year so far in planting corn.

Jackson planted his corn crops around May 20 and they have spouted and grown to about two to three inches in the last two weeks. Even though May 1 is the ideal time to plant corn, it wasn't dry enough to plant it until then.

After last year's record drought which greatly affected the cropping season, Jackson said he is optimistic about this year's summer growing season.

"Well we want a good cropping season with moisture. We don't wait it too wet or too dry, and they will do well. They've got the genetics behind them for them to do well, so it's just a matter of time," Jackson said.

The USDA said about 91% of the nation's corn is planted. Normal for this time of year is 95%.

If the weather cooperates, farmers are hoping for a large harvest which would help keep food and beverage prices steady.