What do you do with mail thatâ??s not yours?

Kirksville Post Office

Have you ever checked your mailbox and noticed mail that's not yours?

Although the United States Postal Service puts forth their best efforts, occasionally mail is mis-delivered, or is delivered to an old location for an individual.

So often we get letters, bills, and other important documents delivered to us that have the wrong address or wrong name.

Corey King, Customer Service Supervisor at the Kirksville Post office tells us you should never open another person's mail.

"Well the mail that they receive at their home that's not theirs, they can put it back in their mail box with their flag up and write on there not here. Do not write it in big letter, just write it in the corner," King said. "Or you can even bring it back to the post office and give it to our window clerk and say the person does not live here."

Destroying mail that was not intended for you may be prohibited by U.S. laws.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, willfully destroying mail is an act that may be punishable by the federal government.