What does cool summer mean for winter?

July was the coolest on record in Kirksville and one of the coolest statewide. In Kirksville, the mean July temperature this year was more than six degrees below average. For August, the average temperature was four degrees below normal. As for precipitation, July was more than two inches below normal with a total of 2.29 of rain. In August, we had a surplus of rain receiving just under 5.5. Normal is 3.63.

Meteorologists say part of the reason is because of a weak El Nino causing cool temps and wet weather. The National Wildlife Federation predicts future summers will be extremely hot across the entire nation. But not everyone agrees with this prediction. Climatologists for the National Weather Service predict an equal chance for above average, normal and below average temperatures across the Heartland next summer. Many people wonder what a cool summer may mean for this coming winter.

The Climate Prediction Center, a branch of the National Weather Service, predicts near normal temperatures for meteorological winter. That includes the months of December, January and February. As for precipitation, there's an equal chance of below average, normal, and above average winter precipitation.

The Farmer's Almanac predicts bitterly cold and dry conditions for part of the Heartland and very cold and snowy weather for other regions of our area.