What is the future of 10-15 Transit?

10-15 Transit Board meeting Thursday morning

Members from the City of Ottumwa reassured the 10-15 Transit Board at a meeting Thursday morning that OTA is fixing all of the problems that the state TMs re-audit required.

City Administrator Joe Helfenberger and City Attorney Joni Keith went through several steps OTA is taking to correct issues that Iowa Department of Transportation had concerns with.

Below are some steps that have been implemented to this date.

The Ottumwa Transit Authority and 10-15 Transit are now running as 2 separate organizations.

The Ottumwa Transit Authority is reviewing each program within the organization and preparing new policies regarding records retention.

Funds between the Ottumwa Transit Authority and 10-15 Transit are now separate as the state requested. Everything must be separate; the only thing that remains is the same is the management.

Members of the 10-15 Transit Board were concerned about several issues during the meeting. Jefferson County Supervisor Lee Dimmitt told those present that he was concerned for the programs that 10-15 helps transport on a daily basis; from Head Start programs to employee transportation services.

Members from the Ottumwa Transit Authority told Dimmitt and other supervisors that were concerned about programs that they could continue based on what the department of transportation decides in the coming weeks.

Members form the city did let the board know that they hired a consultant, Bob Bourne, who will help OTA and 10-15 Transit starting in July.

According to OTA officials, Bourne is experienced with the public transportation system in Iowa and the state even recommended him to help correct the problems the transit authority has had over the past few years.