What makes a family?

Racheal Hall, Green City, Missouri

November is National Adoption Month and for Racheal Hall of Green City, Mo., how she feels about her adoption experience can be described in one word.

â??Thankfulâ?¦ that I was given the family I was (and) that they chose me,â?? Hall said.

Hall was adopted when she was just 18 months old.

â??(It has) always known in the house that my brothers and I were adopted,â?? Hall said.

She said her adoptive parents adopted both her and her two brothers, so they could stay together.

Hall had an open adoption, which means her biological mother, could remain in contact with her.

She said her adoptive parents were very accepting.

â??It was easy for me. My parents were very accommodating,â?? she said.

â??They would actually take off of work about every seven years and take us to Virginia to see my mom.â??

Hall said her adoptive parents saved her life.

â??I asked my dad once what made him choose us, and he said well, I walked in the room and looked down at you, and your big brown eyes smile at me, and I knew you were mine,â?? Hall said. â??So, theyâ??ve given us a life that we never would have had. And, my birth mother she selflessly decided that she couldnâ??t take care of us. She knew she couldnâ??t and so she decided to put us up for adoption. Itâ??s the best thing (thatâ??s) ever happen to us.â??

She said sometimes she thinks about where she would be if she was never adopted, but she canâ??t imagine being any different than who she is today or having the family she has.

â??I love animals, and I love to be out on a farm,â?? Hall said. â??Iâ??m thankful every day for (my adoptive parents). Theyâ??re my mom and dad. My husband says they were the ones who were there when I was sick; when I got my heart broken they were there for me. And, they never once made me feel like I was inferior to any of the other kids. They love us all the same, and I really love them for that."

She said if you can open your home and heart to a child, you should.

â??If my parents never have wanted to go through the trouble of taking the time and doing it, no telling where we would have ended up,â?? she said.

â??I truly believe my parents saved my life because they've gave us something that we would never have had before.â??