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      What to do when the heat is on

      While temperatures have been in the 90's and heat indices almost in the triple digits, it's important to stay hydrated in the extreme summer heat.

      Heat stroke is a real illness and people die from it every year. A heat stroke occurs when you sweat too much and lose salt. That's when the body can't regulate the heat and its temperature rises uncontrollably.

      If you notice someone's skin becoming flushed, their heart rate increases or they lose consciousness. Dr. Charles Lehnardt at A.T. Still University says call 911 immediately and get the person out of the sun as quickly as possible.

      "Especially those who are outside day in and day out that need to plan their day, drink plenty of water, a cup of hater every 15 minutes or sports drink, stay shaded as long as you can," said Lehnardt.

      Dr. Lehnardt says it's important to wear lose-fitting clothing to keep the body cool. Children and the elderly are more prone to heat stroke, but the heat can still impact people of all ages.

      During the summer months it's vital that you check on everyone who may be outside for extended periods of time.