What's Gov. Branstad doing about unemployment in Southeast, Iowa?

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad held a town hall style meeting Tuesday in Mount Pleasant. He fielded questions from concerned Iowans ranging from property taxes to jobs.

200,000 jobs were what Gov. Branstad promised when he first took office. However, unemployment in Southeast, Iowa is on the rise while the state of Iowaâ??s unemployment is decreasing.

â??Well it depends on the community and what the assets are, but Southeast, Iowa unfortunately has had a challenge and has lost some jobs. But I think this one, like the rest of Iowa, can experience a comeback and we've certainly seen some good things already happen in other parts of the state,â?? said Gov. Branstad.

The governor believes the state needs to give businesses incentives to locate in certain sections of Iowa.

â??Recently we just had a cement company announce they're going to locate in Southeast, Iowa. This is over a billion dollar investment. It's the biggest investment we've ever had in our state and it's going to locate in Lee County. So we're working very hard. There are a lot of things to do to get a plant, a fertilizer plant, of this magnitude here,â?? said Gov Branstad.

Gov. Branstad believes Southeast, Iowa can experience a comeback and the new cement company is just the beginning.