What's next in the continuing Barber saga?

Former Dentist Steve Barber had been convicted on two counts of tampering with a witness

We have a follow-up to a recent decision made by the Missouri Court of Appeals that could result in a new trial for a former Kirksville dentist.

Former Dentist Steve Barber had been convicted by an Adair County jury on two counts of tampering with a witness.

Barber had appealed the verdict to the Western District Court of Appeals.

The judges on the court ruled that Barber is entitled to a new trial, saying they couldn't rule on the appeal because a portion of the transcript was missing.

The question now is will there be a new trial if it comes back to Adair County Circuit Court?

We took that question to Adair County Prosecutor Matt Wilson.

â??We certainly put a lot of energy and effort with a lot of work into this case the first time. Witnesses came up from both sides. We had 12 people from the community that sat through 2 days of testimony and over 6 hours deliberating and came to a decision and I don't think it's fair to just forget all that, so the long answer to that is yes,â?? said Wilson.

Wilson also said he believes the prosecutor's office was right the first time and will continue to prosecute the case.

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