Where is the respect?

A new poll finds that adults see that kids don't show respect to their teachers and parents.

Compared to when they were kids, Americans believe children today are less well-behaved.

According to a new poll in USA Today, adults say that kids don't show respect to their teachers or parents. The poll shows manners are in a steep decline among adults and that children are picking up on it.

Experts say the number one causes are different influences and environment.

"We think of who they are around the majority of their day and what type of influence do they have on them. I think if they're not getting that type of respectful or good manner behavior model to them in those influences, then don't expect them to have good manners or be respectful," said Staci Latham of the RadKIDS Program.

Latham says parents should talk to their kids about the importance of respect.

Next, parents should take action and show children well mannered interaction with others.

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