Where is the WWII Memorial missing from Unionville?

Veterans in Putnam County are searching everywhere for the missing World War II memorial sign. The sign lists all of the people from Putnam County who served in the war.

It used to sit outside the northwest corner of the Putnam County Courthouse. Veterans and other elders in the community said it has been missing for at least two decades and no one seems to know what happened to it.

Jim Perkins, a devout member of the American Legion Post 34, said he's been looking for it for the past year, without any luck. If someone has it in their possession, he said its important that they return it so that the memory of those who served can live on.

"The names that are on this memorial is veterans of the greatest generation there ever was which is the World War II veterans," said Perkins. "That history must be preserved and we are here to try to recreate it or preserve this history."

If no one turns it in within the next couple of months, the post will form a committee, raise donations, and purchase a new one. Perkins said there is also an "Old Soldier's Room" sign missing from the door of one of the rooms in the courthouse.

The room was originally dedicated to soldiers who fought in World War I. Perkins and other members of the American Legion Post 34 would also like to know what happened to it as well.