Why does Iowa require two license plates?

For Thursdayâ??s Facebook Story of the Day, KTVOâ??s fans wanted to know more about why Iowa requires two license plates, and why some vehicles only require one plate.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, only some vehicles do not have to display a plate on the front bumper, such as a motorcycle, moped, or truck tractors, such as a power unit system or an 18-wheeler. All other vehicles must have two plates.

KTVO spoke with Trooper Jason Marlow of the Iowa State Patrol concerning this issue. Trooper Marlow told us that having two plates in Iowa not only benefits law enforcement, but the community as well.

â??If I had to sum up the benefit of that law in one work, it would be for identification; identification of vehicles from a law enforcement perspective. It gives you some ideas on what that car is, who it may be registered to, but it can also be used by the general public. If you are coming home and you see a vehicle parked in your front driveway, and as you pull in, they are leaving, it gives you a chance to identify that car possibly as someone you donâ??t want at your home at that particular time,â?? stated Trooper Marlow.

Trooper Marlow told KTVO that even though Iowa will be making some slight changes to its license plates, two plates will still be required on vehicles.

If a plate is not displayed properly on a vehicle, the fine is $87.

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