Why giving an animal as a Christmas gift isn't the best idea

Have your children given you their Christmas list yet? Is a puppy or a kitten on that list? If so, don TMt rush out to go get them one.

The reason-It TMs just too hectic of time of year to introduce a new addition to the family.

Missy Decker at the Adair County Humane Society doesn TMt recommend a puppy or kitten as a Christmas gift.

She says during this time of year people just don TMt have time.

Whether its people traveling for the holidays or having company in and out of the house, your schedule is off during the holidays and it could be too stressful for the animal to adapt, said Decker.

So what are some options if you think someone in your family wants a new puppy or kitten, Decker says think gift certificates.

Other alternatives we recommend as oppose to actually having that puppy or kitten on Christmas morning is a gift certificate for adoption, or a boys of toys or supplies for a new kitten or puppy, said Decker. Then after the holidays, as a family they can come out and pick out an puppy or kitten that would fit their household.

Not only that, Decker says during this time of year the shelter see TMs an increase of animals being brought in after the holidays.

Within that week after Christmas we probably take in 10-15 animals that were gifts or a rushed, you know someone made a split decision in getting a new pet, said Decker. This is something that needs to be really thought through and it TMs hard on that animal to go into a home, and the chaos of the holidays, and then to be brought back to a shelter.

If you are set about getting an animal for a Christmas gift, Decker recommends the entire family be present at the time of the adoption to make sure it TMs a good fit for the entire family.