Will Fairfield be a blue zone?

The city of Fairfield is currently in the process of becoming a designated Blue Zone community.

The city was invited by the Blue Zone program to fill out an application, along with several other communities in the state. On January 4, three communities will be awarded with the Blue Zone designation.

"Generally, the Blue Zone project is a project created by the governor as a health initiative for the state of Iowa," Fairfield City Administrator Jeff Clawson said. "They're looking for communities throughout the state that will represent those values and those beliefs that the Blue Zone also represents, in terms of wellness and health."

The program looks at several factors when awarding the designation, such as self-containment, or how much of a city's population works in the community. They also look at the city's green initiatives and physical buildings relating to health, such as hospitals and health centers.

The program also monitors public involvement, which they track online. Clawson says that of the 100 communities being tracked, Fairfield ranks third, with 30 percent of the public supporting the initiative.

If designated a Blue Zone community, Fairfield will have the state's help in providing local resources to help educate the public on heath and wellness.

To learn more about the Blue Zone program and their standards for designation, visit their website,