Will the government shutdown affect programs for disadvantaged?

<font size="2">How will the government shutdown affect NECAC's ability to provide programs for the disadvantaged.</font><p> </p>

Thousands of Americans woke up Tuesday morning unsure about where their next paycheck will come from.

Monday night, congress missed its midnight deadline to keep the government running, forcing a government shutdown.

However while most of the essential government services will pretty much continue as usual, the lack of funding for others might cause serious concern. So we wanted to find out how the shutdown will affect the North East Community Action Corporationâ??s (NECAC) ability to provide programs for the disadvantaged.

Terri Laughlin, Maconâ??s NECAC coordinator tells us since their money has already been allocated; there will be no immediate impact.

"Right now we're still operating as normal,â?? said Laughlin. â??We have over sixty programs funded through over thirty sources that the money's already been allocated. So it's not been affecting us right now, we're still doing business as normal.â??

Laughlin tells us if the shutdown continues and their budgets are cut, they may feel it.

She says the government shutdown back 1995 it didn't affect NECAC, and they're hoping for the same this time around.