Will we have more insects this winter?

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Will bugs and spiders be on full attack this winter because of the hot and dry summer?

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Krista Noel with the Missouri Department of Conservation said because of the drought and the hot and dry weather we had this summer, for some species it has increased their numbers because it's favorable for them, and it causes more insects to come into your home for water.

She said as it gets cooler, more bugs will begin to try and enter into your home.

â??This fall as the weather gets cooler you'll have more coming in over winter,â?? Noel said. â??In particular you'll have spiders and box elder bugs and Asian lady beetles. Those are the three most common ones in Missouri that try to come into your house to over winter.â??

She said the box elder bugs try to get into your house around October and November.

â??They like to go behind walls, in your attic, your cellar,â?? Noel said. â??They won't cause any damage to your home, but if you squish them, they can kind of stain red. You want to maybe try and vacuum them up instead of squishing them.â??

Noel said if it is a mild winter this year, we will have fewer bugs.

â??Some insects won't do good with a mild winter because they actually rely on an insulating layer of snow to help them get through the winter. And, other insects have a sugar type thing in their blood that is an antifreeze and it protects them and they would be fine without snow.â??

Noel said the best thing to do is seal all your cracks with caulk or tight-fitting screen, especially around foundations, your attic and basement or any type of nook or cranny where an insect can enter your home.