Winds completely uproot building on Libertyville farm

Winds took down a utility pole, fence and shed outside Libertyville.

Pockets of Southeast Iowa were hit hard by Sunday night's storms.

One farm outside Libertyville suffered some heavy damage when the wind took out both a utility pole and a nearby farm shed. Scraps from the shed were flung across the property, with one of the pieces landing right up against the side of the house.

The homeowners said they took cover as soon as they saw the tornado warning for the area and heard the strong winds.

"I called and told my son that if they couldn't find us, we're in the basement," said Judy Qualters, who lives at the house with her husband. "And then it just started getting really windy again, he came over later and it started getting really windy and he came back in and then they waited until it settled down and then they saw everything. We thought it was the garage that fell into the window, but it was actually the farm on that side that came over, so it was kind of scary!"

The Qualters said it seemed like none of their neighbors or family suffered any damage, it was just their property.

A piece of the utility pole had incredible aim and flattened a tire on a piece of equipment outside.

But overall, the Qualters consider themselves lucky; had their car been where it is usually parked at night, it would have been hit by a piece of the shed, neither of them were injured and their home suffered no damage.