Winter car battery problems

Buck Brothers Autocare Center in Kirksville, Mo

The winter season is one of the worst times for your car not to start, especially when you're not at home and out in the elements. We talkied to Eddie Buck for some pointers.

"When you go and get your oil changed and get your car serviced, most oil shops offer a complimentary check. They'll check your battery. They'll check your alternator. They'll test your starter. It don't take that long and most shops will do it for free just as a courtesy to ya and if your battery is kinda bad or not very good or a little weak, then go ahead and replace it because it's better now to replace it then some time when you really need it and it won't start and it's midnight." Eddie Buck said.

Also, make sure that your battery is in good condition before the winter chill sets in. cold temperatures can make a poorly working battery into an inoperable one.

"You need to check and keep your cable ends and your battery terminals clean so you got a good connection so your car will start properly and plus it will let your alternator charge your battery up properly. That's why you need to check not only in cold weather, but all types of weather." Eddie Buck said.