Winter weather boosts sales of salt, sand and shovels

Ice Melt and shovels are in high demand with the winter weather.

Along with the winter weather hitting Southeast Iowa came a boost in winter supply sales.

O'Hara True Value Hardware saw a crowd of people coming in for salt, sand, shovels and other winter supplies.

"Seen a lot of people in, we've been selling a lot of ice melt because it's very slick out there and we have a lot of snow blowers and sand and gloves and gas cans - about anything you need for the winter weather," said Kelly Smith, O'Hara True Value employee. "If you're worried about slipping, we have the yaktrax to put on your boots or shoes, the ice check for your windshields, just about anything for the winter weather."

Smith said because many people knew this storm was coming, a lot of supplies were bought ahead of time to prepare.

As far as supplies for your car, she recommends having a windshield de-icer, a windshield scraper and extra gloves on hand just in case.

But snow isn't all about work, however, it also means a day off school and playtime in the snow for students, and O'Hara has sleds to include in your winter purchases.