With Halloween around the corner, chocolate prices rise

Chocolate prices rise with demand.

Chocolate loversâ?¦prepare to pay more.

It's bitter news with Halloween right around the corner, but due to growing demand chocolate prices are on the rise.

As more consumers reach for dark chocolate and as major cocoa-producing regions of the world face drought chocolate, prices continue to rise.

Sweet Expressions Coffee House in downtown Kirksville has been forced to carry less chocolate than usual and instead provide more candy options including jelly beans and gummy bears.

"The concern is there obviously we adapt the best can. Maybe we don't have as much chocolate options. We have a few for those who are willing to pay. We don't market at all so we try to keep it in the range so people can afford to have it," said Sarah Mitchell of Sweet Expressions Coffee House.

The cost for one kilogram of chocolate in the United States is expected to hit a record $12.25 this year.

That's up 45 percent over the past six years.