Woman with 3 car tires goes on police chase, rams sheriff

Diagram of crash

A Heartland woman involved in a chase with law enforcement officers is now charged with attempted murder after she allegedly rammed a sheriff's SUV with her vehicle.

Crystal Agan, 28, also known as Crystal Ingersoll, is also charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent person and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, second offense.

Wednesday night around 11:30, authorities say Agan, of Mystic, Iowa, was driving south on Highway 5 in Appanoose County.

Appanoose County authorities in the area noticed she was driving without a right front tire.

An SUV, driven by Appanoose County Sheriff Gary Anderson was traveling south on Highway 5 behind her. Another vehicle, driven by Deputy Jonathon Printy was behind Agan's vehicle as well.

According to the sheriff's office, Agan refused to stop her vehicle even though both officers had emergency lights and sirens on.

Sheriff Anderson was able to pass Agan where she became boxed in between Anderson and the deputy. Agan continued to drive erratically and attempted to pass the sheriff's vehicle. She then allegedly rammed into the back of the emergency vehicle and continued to accelerate.

The sheriff's SUV was eventually pushed to the right side of the road.

That is when Deputy Printy's vehicle made contact with the rear of Agan's vehicle. Her vehicle then spun counter clockwise, went into a ditch where and overturned.

When officers approached the car after the crash, they found a five-year-old and a six-year-old child in the car. The children were transported to Mercy Hospital in Centerville, examined and then released.

Agan refused an alcohol and drug test when she was taken into custody and is currently being held in the Appanoose County Jail without bond.