Women consider new health care options

Women consider new health care options.

New data from the federal government is showing a significant increase in those signing up for health care plans through the Affordable Healthcare Marketplace.

According to the federal data, nearly 55,000 Missourians have already signed up for the Marketplace plan. One in three of those who signed up since January have been women under the age of 35. Jocelyn Eppich of the Northeast Missouri Health Council says she has seen a lot of women consumers and this can mean more control of essential women health features.

â??It's kind of showing that women are being the example and kind of standing up for their kids sake, saying no we need insurance for the family. Weâ??re hoping that this will influence the kids to later want to do the same thing because that's what mom was doing,â?? says Eppich.

There are two upcoming open enrollment events scheduled to take place before the final sign up day. The March 22nd sign up will be held at the Northeast Regional Medical Center and the March 29th sign up will take place at the Kirksville Dental Group. March 31st is the final day of open enrollment.