Women empower other women with wise words

Women share personal, professional and Spiritual Journey at MUM.

Students involved in the Women's League at Maharishi University of Management say women empowering other women is a universal custom.

â??We wanted to give women the opportunity to come together,â?? Tabitha Sedgwick said. â??I think it's very important and it's sometimes missing in our society, especially in America.â??

In honor of Mother's Day, the MUM Women's League selected four accomplished women from all walks of life to share their experience, offering valuable words of wisdom.

â??Mothers are what give life to creation on earth,â?? Sedgwick said. â??They are the ones that bring all lives here, so we just want to be able to honor them and all women in the world.â??

â??The particular women we've chosen to speak today, their legacy is that they want to create other leaders,â?? Jessica Keen, Director of the MUM Women's Institute Facility Sponsor for the Women's League said, â??and that is they want to pass along their knowledge and they want to empower young women to really step into their own.â??

Among that group of speakers included Leslie Goldstein who shared stories of two women she met in Uganda who are helping other Ugandan women living in poverty develop skills like sewing, planting and money management as ways to make support their families, helping many get out of prostitution.

â??Whatever wisdom or feminine wisdom is in the world, it's not like we only want the American perspective,â?? Momone Maley said. â??I think that reaching out to women who are from different cultures and understanding what wisdom they've been passed.â??

Other speakers talked about health, attending law school in the 1960s and what it's like owning a non-profit organization.

â??This is how leadership develops, and it's not something you can necessarily learn in a classroom,â?? Keen said.