Workshop to help deal with chronic pain

Are you living with a chronic condition that causes you pain on a regular basis? Are these conditions causing you problems with every day life? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, be sure to enroll in a Chronic Condition Workshop that will resume Thursday, June 20 at the Gutensohn Clinic at ATSU.

The workshop is completely free and work material will be provided. These classes help students deal with chronic pain with just the power of the brain and other easy lifestyle changes.

â??So, our class focuses on positive ways to break what we would consider a vicious cycle by the symptoms. So poor sleep might be really because of difficult emotions which in the cycle is directly accross, but they really do happen to interfere with one another. The physical limitations can cause pain or pain could make it that you're having physical limitations,â?? said Doris Fountain, Coordinator for Regional Arthritis Center.

If you donâ??t live in Kirksville and would like a class to be closer to your home town call (660)626-2049 or if youâ??re calling long distance, call (866)626-2878 ext. 2049.