WWII Veteran Don Rich at O'Town Books

Last month, I brought you the story about WWII Veteran Don Rich. He was a member of the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division.

Rich was at O-Town Books on Saturday for a book-signing event. He and Kevin Brooks are co-authors of Infantry Gliderman,

â??Everyone is so appreciative for the services I did. I love meeting all the people,â?? said Rich.

Richâ??s proud daughter accompanied him to the book signing and looked on to her proud father as he was busy telling people of he experiences he went through.

Those that attended the book signing were in awe of Richâ??s heroism.

â??We have a lot of our World War II veterans that are quickly passing away simply because theyâ??re so old and weâ??re quickly going to lose all that direct contact with that generation,â?? said Randy Brookhiser, IHCC Aviation History teacher.

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