Yard waste collection season ending at end of November

All Ottumwa residential and recycling customers are reminded that curbside collection of yard waste is April 1 through November 30 every year.

South side Ottumwaâ??s last day of yard waste pickup date is Tuesday November 27 and north Ottumwaâ??s last day is Thursday 29.

Leaves and debris placed on the curb must be in Ottumwa brown paper yard waste bags.

â??Folks can also take their leaves to the recycling center, hall it there or also the landfill for disposal free of charge. The nice thing about the landfill and recycling center is that you can use whatever sort of bag or container that you would like as long as you empty them are once you reach the site,â?? said Ottumwa Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers.

Tree limbs set out for curbside must be cut into 36 inches in length and bundled and tied and weight no more than 50 pounds.